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Can you explain me the meaning of some specs terms inside tables and pages?

You can find the definition and the explanation of the used terms on our “
glossary” page.

I found some error in the Smartphone specs. Can I send correction?

Your help is widely welcomed. If you found mistake in our data, please use the
contact page and explaining us which data is wrong.

Can you add a specific Smartphone model?

If you wish to product to be added, you are invited to send us suggestion via
contact us page. We create it as fast as we can.

I am not sure which Smartphone to buy. Can you help me to decide?

We are happy to provide you our opinion. Just use the contact page and explain us your uncertainty.

How do you make money?

At the moment we use Amazon Affiliates program to earn small commissions but also Google AdSense and Ezoic for banners.

I want to advertise on your site. How can I do it?

You can check the
Sponsor Proposal page for more info.